Crispy Juicy Lean Chicken

This flavourful chicken is skinless, but crispy, juicy & light on the waistline! Tons of flavour and color that’s sure to suprise even the pickiest of eaters! Take 4 whole boneless skinless chicken breasts, (remove the tenders for perhaps a stir fry). (makes four servings […]

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Santa Petrona Pork Chops

  When I was at Transcend Coffee counter, I was thinking this coffee has such a nice mild but distinct flavor it would make  a great ingredient for another recipe. Perhaps pork I thought. So I was given a small sample and this is the […]

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Crispy Wings

Peanut Butter, Bacon Chicken Wings

Soapstone Grilling Stone wings are amazing! Crispy, not burnt, yet nice and crunchy!  I was inspired to make these one evening when it was time for dinner, but I was craving a peanut butter and bacon sandwich! Oh what to do? Peanut Butter Chicken wings! Since […]

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steak, rub recipe

Transcend Coffee La Joya Rub Steak

Transcend Coffee (the one located at Mother’s Market in downtown Edmonton 109 street & 103 Ave), gave me some samples to try the other day. This is the wonderfully delicious way I chose to use them:  One pot of coffee and one special steak rub   […]

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Double Dipped 10 Chilli Pork Chops

Double Dipped 10 Chilli Pork Chops by Grilling and Chilling Soapstone Company Ingredients: Purchase 6 palm size (this will fit on one Large Grilling Stone) -1 inch thick boneless Pork Chops If you decide to do more chops use 2 stones. Also, if you are […]

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Rainbow Root Beer Kabobs

        This recipe takes about 45 minutes to prepare. The meat should marinate for 6- 8 hours or overnight. The flavor and presentation is colorful a complete meal when served on a bed of rice.  You can also just use the Vegie portion for […]

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Chocolate Spicebox Ribs

This chocolaty, spicy indulgence was influenced by my love of dark chocolate and Spicebox Whiskey. The smooth yet spicy flavour is tasty on ribs, pork chops, I’ve even tried it on chicken as well. Finger licking anyway and yes, I’ve been known to sip some […]

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Rock Your Dad on Father’s Day!

I want to explain what real soapstone can do for cooking, but you need to understand the properties, history and a bit more Information not from me, but experts and reviewers.  This is from: What is Soapstone?  Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that is composed primarily of talc, […]

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Growing Up a Griller

My Dad introduced me to Grilling at a young age.  He’d lost two sons, so I was their replacement.We hung out a lot, whether it was gardening, fishing, (summer and winter) and being his Sue Chef as he grilled throughout the warmer seasons. Every Saturday and Sunday evening […]

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