Guest Chef Recipe: Ted Reader’s Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Havarti, Dates & Ham

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Chicken Breast
Chef Ted Reader Award Winning Cookbook BBQ Guru

Chef Ted Reader Award Winning Cookbook BBQ Guru

Today, we have the great pleasure of sharing a fabulous recipe from our first Guest Chef Ted Reader.  Award winning Ted Reader ‘s- Gastro Grilling Cookbook shares his Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Havarti, Dates & Ham.

“A great way to jazz up chicken breasts is with a flavorful stuffing of havarti cheese, honey dates & speck ham. Create your own stuffing with a variety of fillings, such as goat’s cheese, roasted red pepper & oregano or bacon ancheddar or fig jam & butter. Be the artist of your own flavor combination. If you wish to use skinless breasts for this recipe, be my guest. I just find that you get a more flavorful & juicy chicken breast with the skin on. Besides that, the crispy skin is so tasty!    Serves 8.”

4 boneless skin-on chicken breasts
(approx. 6 oz/170 g each)
12 fresh sage leaves
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
½ cup (125 mL) grated Havarti cheese
4 pitted dried dates, chopped
4 slices speck ham
Kosher salt
Drizzle of honey

Lay the chicken breast skin side down. Remove the tenderloin.  Pound the tenderloin down flat. Set aside. Peel up a little edge of the skin starting from the thicker edge of the breast where it lifts easier. Tuck your finger in and make a little pocket. Tuck a few fresh sage leaves in, pull the skin tight, tuck and seal.

Flip the breast over, meat side up. With a sharp knife, cut a small 1 inch (2.5 cm) slit from the top of the breast to the bottom. Using your fingers carefully pull aside  the meat to make a large pocket, season with salt & pepper  inside & out . Set aside.

Place havarti & dates, salt & pepper in a bowl. Mash together until it’s a cheesy paste. Divide your stuffing into 4 firmly packed ovals.Wrap each portion with a piece of spec ham.Place one portion of stuffing into the cavity of each piece of chicken. Placing the flattened tenderloin over the cavity tucking & pressing it in firmly . Refrigerate for one hour to allow the chicken to firm & cool.

Fire up your Grill to 350–450°F (180–230°C) Set grill for both direct and indirect grilling.*

Season the outside of the chicken with kosher salt and black pepper. Grill chicken, skin side down, for 3–5 minutes, then carefully turn over and grill for another 3–5 minutes. Move the stuffed chicken breasts to the indirect part of your grill, drizzle with honey and close lid. Grill indirectly with the grill temperature still around 350–450°F (180–230°C) for 10–12 minutes longer or until the chicken is fully cooked and the stuffing is hot, internal temperature minimum 160°F (70°C).Remove from grill and drizzle with a little extra honey.Slice chicken breasts into two or three pieces and serve.

*If you are using a Grilling Stone from you can expect the chicken breast to cook faster, so grill at 325 to 400 F It should take 10 minutes depending on the size of chicken breasts. You can turn of the heat at 10 minutes and let the heat from the stones rise & cook the meat.


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